Marjorie Burns

Coord., Acquisitions & Development

MARJORIE is a child of Southern California, so it was only natural that she grew up convinced that working in Hollywood was a realistic and attainable career goal. Good luck proved her right, when as an English Major at UCLA she began working at RSA/Scott Free, founded by Ridley and Tony Scott. She moved into development there after graduation, always with the hope of eventually moving into animation. After stints in reality TV and director's assisting, she finally had her shot and traded palm trees and In-N-Out for the chance to come to LAIKA.

She has uncredited development roles on Prometheus, Stoker, The East and The Counselor -- and UFO researcher in reality TV.

Random Fact: "I was fired off of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, ruining dreams of professional happy haunting."


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