Dan Casey

Digital Artist

An accomplished digital artist with years of experience in the TV and motion-picture industries, DAN CASEY most recently supervised the Digital Design Group on Coraline. Prior to that, he was the Director of Digital Production for LAIKA’s entertainment division in 2004. 

Dan first joined the studio in 2000, as Director of Digital Production for commercial projects. In this position, he revamped the studio’s digital systems and managed CG production on numerous high-profile ad campaigns, including M&M’S, Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, 3 MUSKETEERS, Arby’s, and Chili’s, among many others. In 2003, Dan became Visual Effects Supervisor for the CG department, overseeing the creation of prize-winning CG special effects and their seamless integration with animated commercials and short films, produced in CG, stop-motion and 2D and supervised the CG artists and R&D specialists in producing animation for LAIKA’s short films Moongirl, The Oranges of Mr. Shark and Reincarnation Pink.

Dan came to the studio after working for several years as a digital artist on Columbia Pictures’ feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. He was Lead Artist, Texture Supervisor and Art Director on that film, ultimately responsible for the final look of all environments. In his previous years as a digital artist, Dan founded Metropolis Digital, a CG production house in San Jose, California, which he managed for five years and where he supervised and art directed productions for FOX TV, TBS, The X-Files, FOX Kids, Saban Entertainment, and Centropolis Effects. Dan’s first job in the industry involved launching the animation division of Frame x Frame Productions in Fremont, California.