School Lunch Program

Our periodic School Lunch program provides an environment for all employees to learn more about the complicated, collaborative and interdependent techniques we use to make stop-motion features.

Past sessions have included: Matt Isakson: mold making for puppet fab; Rob DeSue: set dressing, the art department and the stage; Molly Light: soft goods techniques; Elsa Dye: costume fabrication techniques for miniatures; Ovi Nedelcu: storyboarding: visual storytelling; Scott Tom: the origin of a species: evolution of a Boxtroll; Daniel Miller: model shop sculpting techniques; Jeff Riley: a shot from start to finish; and Shannon O'Neill: head mechanics; Steve Emerson: VFX workflow and how a typical shot travels through VFX; Russell Seifert: mold set up and casting; Adam Jones: the fundamentals of Dragonframe Stop-Motion software; Emily Meyers: building armature hands; Matt Brooks: paper mask technique; Chris Tran: digital sculpting and asset creation; Mike Possert: overview of the model shop; Tony Travis: scenic paint techniques; and Jon Ashlee: the set, from delivery to shot.