Variety Names Kevin Parry Among 10 Animators to Watch In 2016

MAY 3, 2016:  Kevin Parry and his animation prowess has been recognized by Variety.  According to the publication: “Parry is not just an animator. He doubles as a lazy young wizard on Vine. Parry creates loops on the snack-video service that showcase his animation skills and visual effects abilities — and his penchant for pizza. “’I think of it as an artist’s sketchbook.’” he says. “’I can try out many ideas.’”  When he was first experimenting with animation, Parry didn’t think he was talented enough at drawing or using a computer, so he turned to stop-motion to stand out. “’I always took to monster makeup, physical special effects, as a kid, so I think that really transitioned into my interest in stop-motion,’” he says.  Parry made the stop-motion short “The Arctic Circle,” which caught the attention of Brad Schiff. Schiff invited Parry to join LAIKA, where he specializes in technically difficult work.” — Maria Cavassuto, Variety.

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